About the class


This course is intended to help students learn basic skills in environmental video production.  Students will develop their analytical skills through watching videos and engaging in discussions of contemporary issues in electronic media as they relate to bringing an environmental story to the screen.  Students will learn strategies for finding an environmental story suitable for video production and in researching, writing and developing it. They will also learn some basic techniques in the use of camera, lighting, sound and editing equipment. Students will work in teams, which will create a short video (three to five minutes) on an environmental topic suitable for broadcast.


Friday, 12:40-4:30 p.m., CAS 242


Lou D’Aria
Video Instructor

Lou D’Aria has more than 40 years of experience in broadcast journalism. During his professional life, he won six regional Emmy’s for photography, editing and producing. He has also won first place in the National Press Photographers feature catagory and first place at the New York Film Festival for best documentary, in addition to numerous other national and regional awards. He now lives in Okemos with his wife DeAnne Hamilton and their two children, Kimberle and Geoffrey. Currently Lou is an instructor at the Knight Center for “Environmental Filmaking.”

CONTACT: daria@msu.edu.


Rachael Gleason
Graduate student

Rachael Gleason has been a reporter for Great Lakes Echo since August 2009. She currently acts as quiz editor and has a standing feature called Monday Mashup, where she reviews interactive maps of the Great Lakes region. Rachael is originally from Texas, where she worked as a reporter, photographer and desk editor for several years. In addition to working for the daily newspaper of Huntsville, Rachael has had more than a dozen business stories published in The Houston Chronicle, the newspaper of her hometown.

CONTACT: rachaelkaygleason@gmail.com.